Saturday, September 12, 2009

We are heading out today to Fort Worth

Here it is, Sept.12th, and we are leaving for Fort Worth. The Little Guy is bathed,all packed and ready to roll in his limo. Marilynn and Lynn are going with me. Sister Shielya decided not to go. She will take care of The Horses and Dogs and hold down the Fort so to speak. We figure we will be in F. W. Tuesday according to the travel Director, M.

Terri Russell from Kolo 8 and her cameraman, Walker filmed last Tuesday and the story aired on the 5:00 p.m. news Thursday. It was fantastic. They even showed IlDivo and I working a cow which was the most fun and he loved it and actually tried to work on his own.

Check out the picture of Shielya riding him and then go back and check out her picture on the day of pick up at BLM. Big difference.

We will keep you updated while traveling and during the competition. Tally ho

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dark Horse Diva's having fun at the rummage sale

On Saturday the 5Th we had another fund raising rummage sale to raise money for the trip. Rhae organized it and the rest of us helped. The day started out with Ona modeling some robe she grabbed out of the clothing pile. Of course she had to try to lure shoppers to the sale, I don't think the outfit HELPED much but it sure was funny. Shielya decided to try on leopard PJ's with a robe!!!!It all looked pretty funny with her cowboy boots and " it's all about the horse" rhinestone T shirt.She looked like " ERKLE" ! Remember him? He used to pull his pants up underneath his armpits! Marilynn was a Southern Belle as always and stored the money in an appropriate spot! Check the picture. I wasn't as flamboyant as the rest but had a blast! It felt good not riding the Mustang today just having fun. Now Rhae was a bit Risque' in her picture trying on the underclothes over her shorts so I am posting it because she gave me permission! After all, we are adults, supposedly!!!!!!!Enjoy the Diva's pics.

Friday, September 4, 2009

We have traveled today!!!!!!! 9-04-09

Wow, what a day. We have traveled, Ildivo and I. The day started out with a really good bath for the once " wildone". He received a real good scrubbing because he had a appointment to go meet Mark Menezes, one of our very generous sponsors. I wanted a picture of Mark and Ildivo so we just loaded up and headed to Lockwood. We parked amongst the trucks, trailers, etc. and unloaded. It's a really busy place. Menezes Bros. is the place where we get all of our feed, alfalfa cubes, etc. They make the cubes right there. It's a huge facility with alot going on and their cubes are shipped all over. When the price of hay started going down, Mark lowered the prices of his hay and cubes and passed his savings off to all of us!!!!I don't know any other business who has done that. Thank you Mark. Check out Mark's picture with Ildivo and his logo on the side of my trailer.

From Menezes cubing facility, we traveled to Ona's place. She and Ildivo are best friends as you can see in the picture. I unloaded him, and off we went, with Ona and Gabe, ( her horse) and headed to the neighbors who very generously offered me the use of their 2 roping steers to introduce my Mustang to. I had expected that he would take one look at them and RUN!!!!!!!NOT So. He was so curious and wanted to see what those two things were. From there I was able to follow them around, hold them in a corner, and half way take them down the fence. He acted like a little wannabe cutter.
We will be going back. It was really good for Ildivo, it cleared his little overworked brain.

Overall, everything is falling into place. I have 10 days to go. Terri and Walker will be filming on Tues, and yes, they will film us working a cow! It will air on Thurs. Walker is coming over this evening to get a night shot of Ildivo in his pen with the full moon!!!

We are having another rummage sale tomorrow, 9-05-09.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saunya's thank you's to ALL 8/25/09

The last two weeks have been like a whirlwind or maybe a tornado. I am running out of time in more ways than one. I took IlDivo tothe Mustang Burro show at the Reno Livestock Event Center. Nothing like a horse show to show you what you need to work on. He is very afraid of horses coming at him or running up behind him. The indoor arena made him very nervous. The second day he was much better but still needs work on adjusting to new places and things. The one thing I did discover about him is that he is fearless when it comes to trail obstacles. The Prison inmate program had an awsome trail course set up. They were gracious enough to let me introduce ILDivo to the new obstacles. He was fantastic. He really seemed to enjoy the new things he was introduced to.

Our fund raiser activities have gone extremely well. There are so many people that I want to thank for their time, donations, sponsorships, rummage sales, computer skills, donations of items for our rummage sale and it goes on and on. I will list all names in my last blog before I leave for Fort Worth. What started out as one trainer, one wild horse, has turned out to be a HUGE community effort, some people I know, some I don't know but many have contributed. I am, at times, overwhelmed by all the help that I have received to get this pretty little " once wildone" to Fort Worth.

Terri Russell and Walker, her camerman, from KOLO 8 will be filming again this Friday evening. I think we will have another story airing soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

8-17-09 ILDivo's progress

The last few days have been full of firsts and a lot of event's for IlDivo and I. Before I get started with my horse's progress, there are other things that I would like to tell you about. I have my first large sponsor's name on my trailer. Check out the logo on my trailer, it looks fantastic.

Terri Russell will be doing another story on our progress this Thurs. evening 8-20-09@5:00 p.m. I will be taking IlDivo to the Mustang, Burrow show this coming week end, actually Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22ND. He will be in a red pen and will be there from 10:00 to 2:00 each day for anyone who would like to meet him. Also, we will be selling horse treats, made by Terri, to make money to help finance our trip to Fort Worth.

Rhae and Ron Testa, from here in Lemon Valley, my dear friends, will be having a rummage sale to benefit ILdivo and I and our trip. It will be held on Lemon Drive in the Wayside Bar's parking lot. Anyone who would like to donate their unwanted stuff to our cause for the trip can contact me or Ron and Rhae, 775-971-3787 or drop it off to Rhae on Friday. Take 395 North to exit 74, Lemon Drive, and follow to the Wayside Bar. The sale will be from 8 to 4 and all proceeds will go to the Saunya and ILDivo trip to Fort Worth. My many, many, thanks to Rhae and Ron.

Again, I am still seeking sponsors. I have donated all of my time and expertise to this wonder full cause of saving our wild Mustangs. With that being said, the trip will still be very costly, fuel, hotels, unexpected expenses, all my travel expenses, etc. Also, part of my sponsorship will help pay for our KOLO 8 team, Terri and Walker, to go and film live from the Extreme Makeover Competition in Fort Worth. We could not possibly think of leaving them behind. They have dedicated many hours, and many hours to come, on this story. Our common goal here is to help increase the public awareness to the beauty, train ability, and the adoptions of the Wild Mustang's.

IlDivo is progressing very well. The two of us will be ready to go, Sept. 12Th on our departure date. What is uncertain, however, is our finances. While I have received generous donations, I am still in need of help. If there is anyone who reads this who would like to be a sponsor, email me @

Last week was a huge week of firsts. The little guy had his first pedicure!!!!!My farrier, Curt Sprague gave ILDivo his very first trimming. All in all, thanks to my gentle Giant, Curt, it went really well. He is so patient. I am still working on the electric clipper issue. I took ILDivo with me to Fallon on the weekend. My friends went with me. Elaina and Marilynn decided to work on his muzzle whiskers while I judged the horse show. By the end of the day, he had a shave, with a Bic razor, still a BIG improvement, and the two worked on it all day. Patience and persistence prevailed. He hates having his mouth messed with. He is very selfish.

I want to start riding him in a snaffle, again, he is selfish with his mouth and does not want it messed with. He is wearing the snaffle reluctantly.The training is going fantastic. Everyone thinks he is adorable and he is. He is talented, willing, and somewhat an over achiever. He tries so hard and gets frustrated. It's OK, we just keep moving along at a pace that he can handle. Stay tuned, there will be more to come.

Don't forget to watch Terri's story this Thurs. Send in your comments!!!!!!We want your input. Thank you

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11 ILDivo goes thru the truck wash

I have to share this story. IlDivo had a very adventurous day. I had to take my trailer down to the graphics design place for them to measure and make some signs advertising my sponsor. I decided to load him and then stop and ride at the arena on my way back and save some time.

Yesterday I had my trailer acid bathed at the truck stop. It's a special chemical they use on aluminum trailers to take off the dirt and residue from the roads.During the process it left some streaks on the sides where my name is on the trailer. I thought I would just go back there and have them look at it and see if they could remove whatever it is. To make my long story short the manager said, " lets just run it through again". I told him I had a horse in the trailer, he said, "that's OK". So, I closed the drop down windows and pulled through the truck wash. IlDivo handled it fantastic and now he has traveled to a new place, through the truck wash!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

9th week with IlDivo

Here we are, 9Th week. Everyday with ILDivo gets easier. He's loading and hauling like a seasoned show horse. I am riding him out in the huge public arena. Our loping is getting much better and I can guide him around some half way correct circles. He is real balanced and very fun to ride. Teaching him to lope from walk is really making him mad. He is getting it but today I thought I had better BACK OFF!!!!! Lots of long trotting and then loping. I started teaching him some trail, side passing over poles, trotting over poles and some very wide back thru's.

His biggest issue right now is the electric clippers!!!! Not a happy pony when it comes to the buzzing noise!

One thing that is a huge PLUS with this horse is that he is a very low energy Horse. I spend very little time lunging. He is really honest. I have not had any feelings of him being bad or wanting to buck. It's a real good feeling to have when riding a " once wild mustang".